Owners’ Association

The Owners’ Association of the property is called Ejerforeningen Glentevej 10.

The purpose of the Owners’ Association is to manage and maintain the property and handle other common issues. The Owners’ Association consists of all apartment owners in the property, and it is responsible for the operation of the property.

General Assembly

The Owners’ Association holds an annual General Assembly where decisions about the property and the activities of the association are taken. At the general assembly a board of directors is elected.


The Board is responsible for turning the decisions made at the general assembly into practice and is responsible for the daily management.

The board members are:

  • Peter Hovmand-Jensen, Chairman
  • Bo Christian Skjøtt
  • Poul Jepsen
  • Jacob Jensen-Abbew
  • Anette Hougaard, suppleant
  • Rigmor Riemann Ross-Petersen, suppleant