The property contains 4 types of apartments: A, A1, B and B1. Type A1 is an inverted variant of type A. Type B1 is an inverted variant of type B.

Type A/A1: 1 room apartment. Area: 41 – 45 m².

Type B/B1: 2 room apartment. Area: 58 – 59 m².

The apartments have plenty of natural light, both from the large south-facing windows towards the street and from the yard. This ensures an experience of light and air, which is supported by the light and good materials selected. Opposite the property is Novozymes’ factory, and therefore you do not feel watched from other residential buildings.

All apartments have either a French balcony or a small outside balcony.

Images of Apartment Type A

Sample apartment
Sample apartment
Living room
Sample apartment
View towards kitchen and entrance
Sample apartment
Sample apartment

Type A apartments have a small separate bedroom that can be closed with a sliding door. However, the apartment is still considered a single room apartment.

Floor plan
Floor plan

See list of materials for the apartments and the property.

See drawings for the apartments and the property.

Technical Installations


Each apartment has a cupboard door giving access to the technical installations.

Each apartment has an individual electricity meter located in the basement.

Each apartment has a folder with instructions for the technical installations. See online version.

See manual for the floor heating thermostat.

Cable TV, Internet and Telephony

The property is connected to YouSee (TDC)’s fiber net and each apartment has wall outlets for TV and Internet. It is up to the resident to purchase a TV/Internet/Telephony solution. See more at YouSee.

Storage Room

Each apartment has a 2 m² storage room in the basement.