The Owners’ Association has employed a caretaker (janitor), Jørgen Hald, to supervise the property at least 3 times a week, distributed over the days of the week.

Contact information for the caretaker is found in the common kitchen.

The duties of the caretaker are:

  • to clean the stairs, galleries, basement and elevator.
  • to perform minor repairs of common areas and replace blown bulbs in outdoor lamps and basement lighting.
  • to sweep the sidewalk and the yard.
  • to remove snow and ice and arrange for gritting and salting in the winter.
  • weekly cleaning of the laundry and refilling of detergent and cleaning of filters.
  • to supervise the water- and heat central and technical installations.
  • to arrange for replacement of waste chute container.

The caretaker is not employed to repair damages etc. that arise in the individual apartments. If the caretaker provides service to the individual residents, the payment for this must be settled directly between the caretaker and resident.

The caretaker is not obliged to be available for residents for private services or repairs.

The caretakers duties do not include cleaning of the common kitchen, toilets or living room. The caretaker will however supervise these facilities and report issues to the Board or the property’s administrator.