Common Premises

The common premises are located in the basement and includes a kitchen, two toilets and a living room for max. 50 persons.

Common kitchen
Common kitchen
Common kitchen
Common kitchen
Living room
Living room

The consumption of water and electricity in the kitchen is paid via the fee to the Owners’ Association.


The kitchen is equipped with a cooking plate, an oven and a refrigerator/freezer. There are three baking sheets for the oven. The Owners’ Association has not purchased any dishes, cutlery or cooking utensils for the kitchen so what you find there is considered donations. No responsibility is taken for private service, dishes or cooking utensils in the kitchen.

The living room contains 6 white tables, 12 white chairs and a sofa which belongs to the Owners’ Association. In the adjacent storage room there are extra chairs that can be borrowed for larger events.


Cleaning of the common premises is not the caretaker’s or the Owners’ Association’s responsibility. This is entirely up to the residents. Therefore, please clean up after yourself and always leave the rooms clean and tidy, as you would like to find them. Please treat the shared facilities as if they were your own and with respect for the community.

The Owners’ Association intend to purchase detergents, soap, toilet cleaner, garbage bags, toilet paper, etc. in a reasonable amount. These will be paid by the income obtained by renting out the common premises.

Use of Common Premises

The common premises are only for use by residents and guests of residents. The main purpose of the premises is to provide a framework for joint activities, such as common cooking and dining and other social events where all residents are welcome.

The Owners’ Association is also entitled to use the common premises for General Assemblies and Board meetings.

The refridgerator and freezer in the kitchen must not be used for private storage.

Since the electricity and water consumption in the kitchen is paid by all residents it is not acceptable to use the kitchen for private cooking or baking on a regular basis.

Joint Events

Announcement of joint events and coordination of the use of the kitchen is usually done in the residents’ Facebook group.

Private Events

The common premises can be booked and rented for private events under certain conditions. See booking and rental.