Booking and Rental

The common premises can be booked and rented for private events under certain conditions. An event is considered private when one or more of these points are met:

  • More than 6 non-residents participates in the event.
  • You want to exclude other residents from using the common premises and the kitchen while the event is taking place.

Rent and Deposit

  • The rental fee for the common premises (kitchen, toilets, living room) amounts to DKK 500 per day. The rental fee is collected and administered by the Owners’ Association and will be used for operation, maintenance and improvement of the common facilities.
  • The deposit amounts to DKK 2000. The deposit is refunded when a representative of the Board, or the caretaker, has approved the state of the premises after use. In case of inadequate cleaning, damages or lack of inventory the expenses will be deducted from the deposit.
  • The common premises are at your disposal from 2 PM at the day of the event until 2 PM the day after.
  • Rent and deposit, a total of DKK 2500, must be transferred to the Owners’ Association’s bank account in Nykredit Bank: 8117 –  3831730 as soon as the booking has been approved by the Board.
  • At cancellation up to 4 days prior to the event, 50% of the rent and the whole deposit will be refunded. At later cancellation only the deposit is refunded.

Terms of Rental

  • Renter is responsible for cleaning of the common premises after the event. Cleaning also includes removal of bottles, cans and cigarette butts outdoor.
  • The rooms must be cleaned and vacated no later than 2 PM the day after the event.
  • Noise and music must, in accordance with the house rules, be kept at a minimum after 11 PM on weekdays and 1 AM on weekends and windows and doors must be kept closed after this time.
  • Renter is responsible for his or her guests’ behaviour and is liable for all damages caused by his or her guests.
  • Renter must bring his or her own service, cooking equipment, towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, etc.
  • Renter must bring his or her own cleaning equipment and detergents.
  • Smoking is prohibitet indoor.
  • The rooms are approved to max. 50 persons, and it is not acceptable to exceed this limit.
  • It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that residents and neighbors of the property are not bothered by noise or music from the event. This also applies when the guests leave the property.
  • Failure to comply with these rules and terms gives the Board the right to exclude the resident from booking the common premises in the future.


Booking of the common premises can only be done by contacting the Board of the Owners’ Association and only the Board can approve a reservation and usage of the common premises. It is always in the power of the Board to deny a reservation.

  • It is mandatory that the resident who is responsible for the event is participating in the event.
  • A booking must be done at least 14 days in advance.
  • A booking is only valid when you have received an email confirmation from the Board and the rent and deposit have been paid.

A booking request to the Board must contain this information:

  • The name and apartment number of the resident who is responsible for the event.
  • The type and purpose of the event.
  • Number of participants, divided into number of residents and external guests.
  • Start and end time of the event.

The common premises cannot be booked on New Year’s eve.

Please use this Booking Form.

Approved bookings will be added to this Google calendar for common premises  by the Board.

Revision 1, published May 17, 2015 by the Board of the Owners’ Association Glentevej 10.